Transfer Case Aluminum Range Fork ,Chevy ,GM, Dodge


NP 261 249 247 242 241 233




CAST # 17833

Vital Parts is offering this NEW transfer case Range Fork

for Chevrolet, GM, Jeep & Dodge applications equipped with the below listed New Process Transfer cases.

NP 231 * NP 233 * NP 241 * NP 242 * NP 247 * NP 249 * NP 249J, NP 261

This range fork is what controls or engages your high and low while you are in 4wd.
Make sure your cast # reads 17833 as there are two different ranges forks possible.
If you have a cast # of 16448 that is a different fork that is also available!

As always if you are unsure of specific fitment please sent us a message and we would be happy to help!

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