Transfer Case Oil Pump Saver Plate XHD


NP 261 263 236XHD 261XHD 236

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This is a new aftermarket plate that is designed to fit into your rear transfer case half to reinforce the areas inside the case that are often damaged by the oil pump. Over time the oil pump can wear a hole right through your case causing your transfer case to leak and ultimately damaging the transfer case. This is an updated plate that protects all four possible danger areas and replaces the older spring clip that was originally used by the factory to only protect one area.

We highly recommend using this plate for any of the below listed transfer cases. If you are opening your transfer case for any reason, you should be putting one of these plates in to protect yourself from major transfer case problems in the future.

This inexpensive add will provide long term peace of mind with permanent pump wear protection!

Chevy Silverado / Tahoe GMC Sierra / Yukon – 1998 and Newer

* NP136 * NP149 *NP236 * NP246 * NP261 * NP263 * NP261XHD * NP263XHD *

Laser cut for snug fit – prevents pump lug wear in the case