Transfer Case Rear Case Half & Case Saver Plate Chevy, GMC, GM


NP 261XHD 263XHD Chevy GMC GM

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* NP261XHD / NP263XHD *

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New GM Chevy New Process 261XHD & 263XHD Aluminum Rear Case Half

Comes with new bushing and rear front output shaft bearing

The Case Saver Plate is a new aftermarket plate that is designed to fit into your rear transfer case half to reinforce the areas inside the case that are often damaged by the oil pump. Over time the oil pump can wear a hole right through your case causing your transfer case to leak and ultimately damaging the transfer case. This is an updated plate that protects all four possible danger areas and replaces the older spring clip that was originally used by the factory to only protect one area.

*NOTE – While the Case Saver Plate that is included in this package will fit the HD NP 261 & 263 transfer case units. Please be aware that this rear case half will not fit the HD NP 261 & 263 transfer cases
If you are looking for the HD rear transfer case half please contact us for fitment.

Cast # 25909 you will find this number case on your old case half – As always if you are unsure of fitment please send us an email and we would be happy to help!

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