Transfer Case Sprocket and Chain Kit, Chevrolet, GMC, XHD


 NP 261XHD NP 263XHD Chevrolet GMC XHD NP149

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NP 261XHD / NP 263XHD / NP 149

This is a package kit / set that comes with:
(1) New BorgWarner Transfer Case Chain – 1.50″ Wide, 42 links, .4346″ (7/16″) Pitch, Rocker Pin design

(2) Sprockets – 1.50″ wide (3.81cm) (Drive or Driven are identical)

Please see the detailed description below for your specific model below as the eBay compatibility chart is not 100% accurate.
As always if you are unsure of specific fitment please send us a message we would be happy to help

Chevrolet GMC: 1500, 2500, 3500 (Silverado, Sierra):
8 CYL 6.0L 2001 – ON NP261 / NP263 XHD (aluminum cases, chain driven)
8 CYL 6.6L 2007 – ON NP261 / NP263 XHD (aluminum cases, chain driven)
8 CYL 8.1L 2001 – ON NP261 / NP263 XHD (aluminum cases, chain driven)

Please note that if you have the 261or 263 XHD transfer case that is married to an Allison/Duramax transmission than this transfer case sprocket & chain set should work for you just fine. However, on rare occasions this unit may have the smaller 1.25″ chain and sprocket. We highly recommend opening your case prior to purchasing to verify what size you have.

We do stock the larger 1.25″ chain & sprocket set –