Transfer case vent tube, Chevrolet, GM


NP 261 263 XHD 246 136 Chevy GM (26162)

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* NP261 / NP263 *
* XHD * HD

This Vent Tube will fit various Chevy & GM transfer case models in addition to the 261/263 XHD/HD models.

If you would like to verify fitment prior to your purchase please send us a message. We would be happy to help!

A broken vent tube can lead to premature transfer case failure by letting in moisture and debris.
Don’t neglect this import and very cost effective item when completing your rebuild!


This NEW vent tube fits a 9.45mm hold size
Press in (hose type)
Plastic – 90 degree

Replaces New Venture gear 26162
Replaces AC-Delco 89059654, 12470561